The white sauce is one of the most used sauces in the kitchen: it is the base for lasagnas, any kind of baked pasta,  au gratin veggies and so on and so forth.
I heard on Masterchef Italia: “If you cannot do a proper white sauce you will never be a real cook!”.
So mate, just stop buying those already cooked products! It is so easy to prepare at home: you will just need flour, milk and butter (we all have them at home), 15 minutes to go and you will have the most amazing and cheap white sauce you have ever taste!
Will you believe me?
I always add black pepper: i think it perfectly complete the taste of  my sauce!

white sauce

White sauce


500 ml milk
40 g butter
40 g flour (2 tbs)
Nutmeg ground
Salt, black pepper


Firstly, we prepare the so called roux: melt the butter without boiling it and slowly add the flour mixing constantly with a wooden spoon. The creamy sauce that comes out is the misterious roux!

Pour the milk slowly. It is really important not to be too slowly or too fast: we don’t want lumps in our beautiful white sauce. Cook at low heat, constantly mixing until we reach the right consistency.
Add the nutmeg ground, a pinch of salt and black pepper.

According to what you need the white sauce for, it can be more or less thick: for example if you want to prepare a lasagna, better if you leave the withe sauce more liquid so the lasagna can cook properly, or if you are preparing au gratin veggies you will need a thicker sauce (so you will need to cook the white sauce longer).

I should not say it (cause a real cook  never reveals his secrets)…but if it is your first time and your white sauce comes out with lumps…do not panic! You will just need to whisk it with a mixer and everything is done!

white sauce

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