I created the turmeric farmer’s pie some days ago: my mother-in-law gave me some very fresh vegetables from her garden and I wanted to use them…furthermore, at home I had so few things for dinner.
Then, I prepared the puff pastry (if you have no time, you can also buy it , but I assure you than the homemade puff pastry is by far better than the pre-packed one 😉 )

Turmeric farmer's pie

Turmeric farmer’s pie


250 g of ready made puff pastry (or click here for the recipe)

1 eggplant/aubergine
1 red bell pepper
100 g mozzarella cheese
1 egg
EVO oil
Salt, pepper
Ground dry turmeric


Thoroughly rinse the eggplant and cut into cubes.
Sprinkle with salt, place in a colander and leave half an hour to rest.
Meanwhile, wash the pepper, remove seeds and pith inside and cut into cubes.
Rinse the eggplant and squeeze well.
In a large skillet, heat plenty of EVO oil up.
Add the eggplant and brown on high heat.
Add the peppers.
Cook the vegetables over high heat for 20 minutes, stirring often to avoid burning.
5 minutes before the end of cooking time, add 1 teaspoon of ground dry turmeric and mix well.
Turn off the heat, season with salt, sprinkle with black pepper and leave to cool slightly.
Cook an egg in boiling water for 10 minutes, then put it under cold water and peel.
Roll out the puff pastry and cover the inside of a flan dish lined with parchment paper.
Pour the vegetables inside the pastry.
Cut the mozzarella into slices and the egg into 6 wedges.
Arrange the egg wedges and mozzarella slices nicely on the pie.
Pour a little EVO oil and bake at 200C/400F/Gas mark 6 for 15 to 18 minutes.
Serve warm.

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Turmeric farmer's pie

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