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Ratatouille in bread crust with Roquefort sauce

Ratatouille in bread crust with Roquefort sauce

Many people think the ratatouille is a “French caponata”: the basic difference between the two dishes is that the ratatouille is simply made by chopped vegetable without using vinegar and sugar, which are typical in the Sicilian dish. I wanted to enrich this plate adding a Roquefort sauce, serving it in a cute way: I […] Read more…

cheese and pepper tonnarelli

Cheese and pepper Tonnarelli

Today, I am going to go into a dangerous field: the cooking tradition of a region which is not mine! Today recipe is the cheese and pepper tonnarelli, a typical dish of the Lazio region. The version I am going to give you is the one presented by the Italian cook Alessandro Borghese on television: […] Read more…

Farmer's Skewers

Farmer’s Skewers

Farmer’s Skewers are very tasty skewers made with “carpaccio”(thinly sliced beef meat), “guanciale”, a sort of bacon very used in Italy – if you do not find it in your country, you can use normal bacon – and provolone cheese. They are covered in breadcrumbs and then roasted: really great! I have seen some skewers like […] Read more…