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mini chocolate cakes

Mini chocolate cakes

ThisĀ  mini chocolate cakes are smooth and soft and they are a perfect yummy and healthy snack for your children. All of you who were born in the eighties like me, can remember the famous “Yo-Yo” snacks: they were so famous at that time in Italy and I used to love them. So, I prepared […] Read more…

Lady's Kisses recipe

Lady’s Kisses – baci di dama biscuits

Today I want to explain to you the Lady’s Kisses recipe. Lady’s kisses, or “baci di dama”, are delicious short pastry biscuits enriched with almonds flour and put together with dark chocolate. I prepare them very often, because my daughter (not only her!) is crazy about these biscuits! Lady’s kisses were born in Piemonte. There […] Read more…

Tenerina Cake

Tenerina Cake

Tenerina cake is an Italian chocolate-based cake typical of the city of Ferrara. It is simply delicious with its soft heart and its crunchy surface. To prepare it, you don’t need any yeast. I confess I discovered this cake on the web: it cached my attention for its simplicity (and tasty appearance!). I read different […] Read more…

orange jam biscuits

Orange jam biscuits

The orange jam biscuits are my favourite and I have been thinking to prepare them for ages. When I find jam biscuitsĀ around and about, I can not stop eating until they are finished: that is way I avoid to buy them, otherwise I can finish the all box in 1 hour! They are nothing but […] Read more…

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines de Commercy are delicious soft French sweets shaped like shells, which taste like a cross between a muffin and a plumcake. Their are the perfect solution for a sweet snack for children and adults. The fragrance of madeleines and their heady aroma of butter will win over your palate one bite at a time. […] Read more…