Two years ago, on my Facebook Fan Page, I asked my fans to write which recipes they wanted me to make for them. One of them, Lavinia, asked me to make a savoury mushrooms cake, the same you can buy at “Di Pasquale Patisserie”, a historical place in the centre of Ragusa.
So I made it immediately but, since I was not satisfied with the photos I took, I did not post the recipe on by blog. And I re-made it lots and lots of times again! For several reasons, I never took pics of it…
So, I decided to prepare it again to finally take a photo of this savoury mushrooms cake! And I also enriched it with some bacon!
As you can notice, I used a frozen mushrooms mixture, with Porcini mushrooms: I do not usually use frozen food, but finding a good quantity of fresh mushrooms is difficult and also expensive, so using the frozen mixture was a nice compromise.
Find the recipe of my savoury mushrooms bacon cake here: it is delicious!!

savoury mushrooms bacon cake

Savoury mushrooms bacon cake

Ingredients to make one cake:

To make the dough:

400 g white flour
25 g lard
70 ml di warm water
1/2 ts dry yeast
200 ml milk
1 ts sugar
1 tbs salt

To prepare the filling:

400 g mushrooms mixture with Porcini
100 g bacon
½ onion
½ glass white wine
Salt, pepper
500 ml milk
40 g flour
40 g butter
20 g cheese

To decorate:

1 yolk
Sesame seeds
Poppy seeds


Prepare the dough as described here and allow it to rise for 3 hours.
In the meanwhile, prepare the filling:
Finely chop the onion.
Cut the bacon in little cubes.
Heat some oil in a frypan, brown the onion and add the bacon.
Add the mushrooms mixture and pour the wine; adjust with salt and pepper.
Cover and cook for 20 min, adding water if necessary.
Add parsley at the end.
Leti t cool aside.

Prepare the white sauce: find the recipe here.

Cut the cheese in little cubes.

Mix all the ingredients.

Prepare a baking tin with some baking paper.
Divide the dough into two parts: use one as base inside the prepared baking tin.
Pour the filling and cover the left part of the dough.
Let the edges stick between them and cut the extra dough.

Brush the yolk on top of the cake and cover with some cling wrap.
Let it rest aside for an extra hour.
Brush the yolk again and sprinkle the sesame and poppy seeds on top of it and bake for 15-20 minutes at 180°.
When ready, allow it to cool a bit and serve.
Buon appetito!

savoury mushrooms bacon cake

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