“Al cartoccio” is a cooking technique that I love very much because it’s like cooking in two different ways simultaneously, enjoying the advantages of both of them: the taste of the baked meals and the soft consistency of steamed food.
Fish is the best food to cook in this way: cooking it wrapped with baking paper makes it tender and flavorful. This time, I cooked salmon but you can cook any other type of fish “al cartoccio” (such as swordfish, snapper and so on).
Today’s recipe is “salmone al cartoccio” with lemon, pink pepper and parsley: all these ingredients help de-grease the fish and make it a pleasant and balanced dish.
The salmone “al cartoccio” is scented and very delicious.
I advise to serve it with boiled or baked potatoes.

salmone "al cartoccio"

“Salmone al cartoccio”– tasty and light Italian recipe

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 slices of fresh salmon
6 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 lemon
A sprinkle of freshly chopped parsley
2 tbs pink pepper
A pinch of salt

You will need:

baking paper
Cooking twine


Squeeze the lemon and filter its juice.
Wash the parsley and finely chop it.
In a bowl, pour the Oil, lemon juice, parsley, pink pepper and salt.
Cut the baking paper in four squares and lay down a slice of salmon on each of it.
Tie the edges with the twine but leave the surface opened.
Pour the other ingredients on top, then wrap the salmon, allowing it to steam.
Bake for 12-15 minutes at 180°.
When cooked, serve each piece to every guest.
You can serve it with a salad or potatoes, boiled or baked.
Buon appetito!

salmone "al cartoccio"

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