Do you feel like eating a hot and succulent dish, with meat and potatoes and, why not, a beer?
Always follow what your stomach inspires! That is how I created this delicious pork stew with beer and potatoes.
Using the steaming method you will never fail: your meat will always be very tender and the beer will give it a special taste and flavour. Adding potatoes, you will have a complete dish, easy to prepare, even in big quantities: all you will need is time. If you want a good stew, here the secret: a long cooking process. So, be sure to have at least 3 hour to prepare it!
It can be a perfect dish to eat for dinner with family and friends and it usually is really appreciated also by kids.
Do you usually use beer for cooking?
It is important to know that, just like white and red wine, light and dark beers have distinct flavors and aromas, and you need to pair the right type with the right dish. As a general rule, use wheat beers and lambics for chicken and seafood; choose ale, porter or stout when cooking pork, beef or lamb.

pork stew with beer and potatoes

Pork stew with beer and potatoes

Ingredients for 4 people:

600 g pork meat for stew
66 cl beer
600 g potatoes
1 onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt, pepper


Prepare your meat the night before the day you want to cook it: season it with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano and allow it to rest in the fridge overnight.
The day after, finely chop the onion and brown it in a big pot with extra virgin olive oil.
Add the meat and cook it at high heat.
Pour the beer, cover, low the heat and cook for 90 minutes.
Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into big pieces.
Wash and dry well.
After 90 minutes, add the potatoes to the meat and cook for approximately another hour (add water if needed).
Season with salt and pepper and serve.

pork stew with beer and potatoes

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