The orange jam biscuits are my favourite and I have been thinking to prepare them for ages.
When I find jam biscuits around and about, I can not stop eating until they are finished: that is way I avoid to buy them, otherwise I can finish the all box in 1 hour!
They are nothing but shortbread filled with jam, usually the apricot one (the more common jam). I wanted to prepare them with an orange jam my mother in law gave me as a Christmas gift and, since I don’t love sweets too sweet, I think it was a perfect combination – and my friends from Vivai APS thought so too, I took them my biscuits to celebrate my graduation.
Of course you can choose any filling you like the most, but be sure this is the best version!
Ready to prepare them with me?

orange jam biscuits

Orange jam biscuits

Ingredients for  18 biscuits:

300 g white flour (I used the 00)
150 g butter
80 g icing sugar
1 egg
50 ml jam (orange or other flavours)
Icing sugar to decorate


Prepare the shortbread base (find here the recipe).
After the resting time in the fridge, roll the shortbread between two layers of baking paper, then use a cutter to create the shape you like.
Use all your shortbread and, if in the meanwhile it becomes too soft, put it again in the fridge for a while.
Use a tablespoon and put some jam on half of your biscuits, then cover with the other half, pushing the edges to perfectly close the biscuits.
Lay some baking paper on a tray and allow the biscuits to rest at least for 15  minutes in the fridge.
In the meanwhile, preheat the oven at 180° C.
When the jam biscuits are ready, cook them for 20 minutes.
When ready, allow them to cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

Orange jam biscuits

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