Sometimes I ask to myself: why do we complicate our lives trying to create impossible recipes, when everyone knows that the simplest things are the most appreciated?
Do you have to prepare an appetizer? Do you want to prepare something good but you are not the best cook? Do you want to be quick? Do you want to prepare delicious finger food? You can prepare this simple mini ricotta balls: they do not require cooking, just few ingredients, easy and quick to prepare and…really tasty! They always sell like hot cakes!
To fill them, I used olives and dry tomatoes; you can use crumbled pistachio or crumbled almond to dress them or anything else you like: free you imagination and create your own mini ricotta balls, they will always be a masterpiece!
They can be served as an appetizer, but they can also be part of the meal, served together with salad or other vegetables.
Do you want to try?

mini ricotta balls

Ingredients for approximately 30 mini ricotta balls:

300 g ricotta
40 g grated parmesan
40 g black olives
40 g dried tomatoes
40 g crumbled roasted almonds
40 g crumbled pistachios

See the video recipe:



Mash the ricotta with a fork and then add the grated parmesan, constantly mixing.
Divide it in two different bowls.
Chop the olives with a knife. Do the same with the dried tomatoes.
Add the olives to one ricotta bowl and the dried tomatoes to the other.
Mix well to combine.
Create mini ricotta balls with umid hands.
I dressed the tomatoes ricotta balls with crumbled almonds and the olives ricotta balls with crumbled pistachios. You can use whatever you like.
Do you want to add a splash of colour? Serve the mini ricotta balls on a big lettuce leaf, surrounded by cherry tomatoes or capsicum (red-green-yellow): the result will be really colorful and tasty!
A feast for the eye!

Mini ricotta balls 

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