The milk and coffee blancmange reminds me of my grandma Nella.
She used to prepared it quite often when I was young: I can remember those big moulds where she put this dense custard which became like a pudding with savoiardi soaked in coffee. Truly speaking, I didn’t like this dessert when I was a child: I didn’t like its consistency and its milky taste but, as a child, I didn’t eat quite anything so…well…it doesn’t count!
Of course, because it is made with coffee, it is not so “kids friendly”.
There are lots of recipes of my past, lots of thinghs I didn’t like by then, that now create so much sweet sensations, maybe because of the memory sweetness they recall. Now I really like the blancmange.
So, I had to prepare a dinner for my judges and I decided to prepare it in a new version, adding a cruchy coffee crumble: it is really trendy to serve traditional dessert in a revised version! And since I am a “Cheffa” I couldn’t miss the occasion to be trendy too!
The milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base consists of two different preparation, so if you decide to prepare it in the traditional way still it will be delicious!

milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base

Milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base

Ingredients for 6 portions:

500 ml (2 cups) full cream milk
50 g wheat starch
150 g (3/4 cups) sugar
3 savoiardi
1 coffee cup

150 g (2/3 cup)butter
180 g (1+ 3/4 cups) 00 flour
70 g (1/2 cup) peeled almonds
2 tbsp cane sugar
2 coffee cups


For the crumble:

Mix almonds with flour and butter cut in pieces until sandy.
Add cane sugar and coffee and mix with your hands,  living it crumbled.
Put some baking paper in a tin and bake the crumble at a temperature of 180° for 12-15 minutes or until golden.
Allow it to rest aside.

For the blancmange:

Sour the milk in a pot together with the wheat starch and the sugar, mix using a whip.
Cook at lower heat, constantly mixing until thicken.
Butter some moulds and sour half of the cream in them.
Cut the savoiardi in half and wet both sides in the coffee.
Put one of them in the middle of each pudding and cover with the other cream.
Allow them to rest in the fridge for at least 3 hours before you serve them.
Serve the milk and coffee blancmange on the coffee crumble.

Buon appetito!

Milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base

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