Madeleines de Commercy are delicious soft French sweets shaped like shells, which taste like a cross between a muffin and a plumcake. Their are the perfect solution for a sweet snack for children and adults.
The fragrance of madeleines and their heady aroma of butter will win over your palate one bite at a time.
My mother is French, and sometimes I like to cook some French specialty for her, also to let her remember her past 🙂 : she loves madeleines, and sometimes she buys them, but, as everyone knows, when they are homemade they are by far taster and softer.
Today I prepared a classic version of madeleines, but there are so many versions! Maybe I will let you find them out in the future 😉
Preparation is really simple and you need so few ingredients to make them!
And then…are you ready to prepare madeleines de Commercy with me?!? 😀

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines de Commercy


125 g of sugar
125 g of butter
125 g of white wheat all-purpose flour, 00
4 eggs
2 milliliters of natural vanilla extract
2 grated lemon peel


Cut the butter into small pieces and allow it to soften at room temperature.

Once the butter is soft, whip it with a hand mixer together with the sugar until creamy. Add the eggs one at a time, making sure each egg has been absorbed into the mixture before adding the next one. Finally, add the flour, vanilla extract, and lemon peel.

Pour the batter into the madeleine moulds (if they are made of silicone they do not need to be greased) and bake at 200°C for 15 minutes.

Allow them to cool down and serve. They can keep for 2-3 days in a hermetically-sealed container.
Have a good break with your homemade madeleines de Commercy!

Madeleines de Commercy

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