The eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella are delicious appetizers. They are easy to prepare and, since the are to be eaten cold, you can prepare them in advance and save time when you are organizing a party or a dinner with family and friends.
They also are an ideal alternative for a trip or a light lunch.
I prepared them for an appetizers with some friends and they were really appreciated!
Do you want to prepare them with me? Let’s go!

eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese

Eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

2 eggplants

100 g prosciutto
100 g sliced mozzarella cheese or similar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cut the edges of the eggplants, accurately wash them, slice them following the long side, not too thin. Put them in a colander, add salt and allow them to rest for at least 30 minutes. That is because the older and bigger the eggplant, the more likely it is to taste bitter and become soggy in the pan. The key here is generously: at least a half tablespoon of salt for every medium-sized eggplant. It seems excessive, but this salt will help to draw the bitter liquid out from the eggplant while simultaneously seasoning the eggplant from the inside out. It also helps the eggplant pieces stay more shapely and become tender during cooking instead of becoming water-logged and soggy.
When the 30 minutes have passed, accurately wash the eggplant and dry.
Roast each side of the eggplants then season with extra virgin olive oil and salt and allow them to rest again for 30 minutes.
Add  one slice of prosciutto and one of mozzarella cheese on each slice of eggplant, add extra virgin olive oil and gently roll it.
Block it with a toothpick.
Cover with cling wrap and put them in the fridge until you want to serve.
Pour with extra virgin oil of olive before serving.

Eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella

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