Curried courgette crumble is a delicious and tasty vegetarian dish. It is perfect as main meal for dinner. I am a true lover of crumbles and I like to prepare them both in sweet and savory versions 😉 . Crumble is a sort of shortbread but, instead than amalgamating the mixture, you have to crumble it. In this way, you will have a delicious crunchy dish!
In this recipe I made a little experiment: I flavoured the crumble with curry and the result was amazingly great!
Just between us, marriage is an excellent occasion to improve the tools of your kitchen (so many gifts!) 😀 . Indeed, my uncles presented me with a wonderful new mixer: since that moment, some preparations are by far simpler than before 😉 .

Curried courgette crumble

Curried courgette crumble

Ingredients, for 4 individual baking dishes:

4 courgettes
1/2 onion
200 gr of mozzarella cheese or similar
EVO oil
Salt, pepper

For the crumble:

100 gr of flour
100 gr of cold butter
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp curry powder
1 pinch of salt


Let’s start from courgettes: finely chop the onion, then wash the courgettes and cut into cubes.
Fry the onion in a little oil, add the courgettes, salt and pepper and cook for about twenty minutes, covering the pan with a lid. Mix from time to time and, if necessary, add half a glass of water.
After 20 minutes, turn off the heat and let it cool down.
Cut the cheese into cubes and mix with the courgettes.
Now for the crumble: put the flour, salt, curry and Parmesan into the bowl of a food processor and add cold cubed butter, pulse the mixture together until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
Fill the baking dishes with the courgettes and then cover with a layer of crumble.

Bake at 170C/350F/Gas mark 4 for about 35 minutes, let it cool slightly and serve.

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Curried courgette crumble

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