Today, I am going to go into a dangerous field: the cooking tradition of a region which is not mine!
Today recipe is the cheese and pepper tonnarelli, a typical dish of the Lazio region.
The version I am going to give you is the one presented by the Italian cook Alessandro Borghese on television: I found it so yummy I almost ate my television screen!
As the name suggests, the ingredients of the dish are very simple and include only black pepper, Pecorino Romano cheese, and pasta.  The only precaution to be taken in preparing this dish is to leave some of the hot cooking water with the pasta: the heat melts the cheese, while the starches in the water help bind the pepper and cheese to the pasta.  Cacio e pepe is typically made with long, thin spaghetti, such as tonnarelli or vermicelli.
Easy to prepare…so rich in taste.
I really hope you like it!

cheese and pepper tonnarelli

Cheese and pepper tonnarelli

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 grams of fresh tonnarelli/spaghetti alla chitarra pasta (square spaghetti)
200 grams of Pecorino Romano cheese
40 g Parmesan cheese
Plenty of ground black pepper
A pinch of salt


Grate the cheeses and mix together very well.
Season the cheese with a generous amount ground black pepper.
Cook the pasta in plenty boiling and slightly salted water (not too much salt as cheese is already salty).
While pasta is cooking, take one or two ladles of cooking starchy water and pour over the cheeses.
Mix well with a whisk until nice and creamy.
Drain the pasta and add it immediately to the Pecorino sauce.
Mix well until all the pasta is seasoned to perfection. C’e’ un errore in italiano CON/NON
Sprinkle again with a little black pepper and serve immediately!

cheese and pepper tonnarelli

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