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salmone al cartoccio"

“Salmone al cartoccio” – tasty and light Italian recipe

“Al cartoccio” is a cooking technique that I love very much because it’s like cooking in two different ways simultaneously, enjoying the advantages of both of them: the taste of the baked meals and the soft consistency of steamed food. Fish is the best food to cook in this way: cooking it wrapped with baking […] Read more…

Baked paprika Calamari rings

Baked paprika Calamari rings

Are you crazy for fried calamari like me? Then, you have to try these Baked paprika Calamari rings, a lighter and spicier version of this dish: delicious! Furthermore, Baked paprika Calamari rings have another remarkable advantage: you have not to dirty and to stink out all your kitchen 😉 ! You simply have to season […] Read more…

stuffed squid with barley and turmeric

Stuffed squid with barley and turmeric

What can we prepare today? I want to tease you with some beautiful stuffed squid with barley and turmeric, a light and tasty dish. Lately, I am often using barley instead of rice because I really like its consistency. Barley needs a longer cooking time, it’s true, but if you use a pressure cooker like […] Read more…

Steamed potatoes nests with mussels filling

Steamed potatoes nests with mussels filling

The steamed potatoes nests with mussels filling is a recipe I found on a japanese cookbook, but I simplified it so that any “non japanese” person could easily prepare it. From the original recipe, I cut the dashi broth where the nests were sit and I used the natural sauce of the mussels, and I […] Read more…