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Milk chocolate mousse super easy!

Milk chocolate mousse super easy!

Now that Easter is finished, we all have our pantries full of chocolate eggs and, most of them, are milk chocolate (I don’t know why the surprises you find inside the milk chocolate eggs are always much better than surprises you find inside the dark chocolate eggs…that is a mystery!). Not sure about you, but […] Read more…

Honey cake with chocolate drops

Honey cake with chocolate drops

Dear friends, how are you? I had a intense week with my sick chipmunk who luckily looks beeing better now! Being forced to stay at home is really difficult with kids, they easily get bored and nervous and we have to think on any kind of tricks to entertain them! So, to have some fun […] Read more…

Pasta brisée

Pasta brisée

The pasta brisée is a traditional French base (really buttery!) used to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. In Italy, the pasta brisée is sold at the supermarket as rolls to prepare savory cakes (I prefer it to the Puff pastry because it is much more compact), but it is really easy and quick to […] Read more…

milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base

Milk and coffee blancmange on crunchy base

The milk and coffee blancmange reminds me of my grandma Nella. She used to prepared it quite often when I was young: I can remember those big moulds where she put this dense custard which became like a pudding with savoiardi soaked in coffee. Truly speaking, I didn’t like this dessert when I was a […] Read more…

Ile flottante - meringue cloud on custard

Ile flottante – meringue cloud on custard

The Île flottante is a very refined French dessert. Ile flottante literally means “floating island”, because the vanilla cloud “swims” on the custard where it lays. It is a dessert with a very French taste: not everyone is used to know this particular flavour but it will win you over after the first bite! The most […] Read more…

Magic cocoa cake

Magic cocoa cake

Magic cake recipe was born on the web, and in a short time it has become very popular all over the world. It is called “magic” because from only one mixture you obtain three different consistencies: a hard base, a crunchy surface and the internal part that seems a pudding. Today I propose you the […] Read more…

mini chocolate cakes

Mini chocolate cakes

This  mini chocolate cakes are smooth and soft and they are a perfect yummy and healthy snack for your children. All of you who were born in the eighties like me, can remember the famous “Yo-Yo” snacks: they were so famous at that time in Italy and I used to love them. So, I prepared […] Read more…

shortbread dough

Shortbread dough

The shortbread dough is one of the most important and most used dough base of the Italian pastry making. As it happens with many other kind of recipes, there is no universal short bread recipe: there are people who prefer using much more butter in their dough, others who don’t want to use too many […] Read more…

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