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Eggplant “scacce”- specialties from Ragusa

Eggplant scacce- specialties from Ragusa

I have been a food blogger for several years now and I can proudly say I have been helping spreading the cooking tradition of Ragusa on the net. It is an honour receiving emails from people born in Ragusa but leaving in the north of Italy or even abroad, in which they thank me because […] Read more…

savoury mushrooms bacon cake

Savoury mushrooms and bacon cake

Two years ago, on my Facebook Fan Page, I asked my fans to write which recipes they wanted me to make for them. One of them, Lavinia, asked me to make a savoury mushrooms cake, the same you can buy at “Di Pasquale Patisserie”, a historical place in the centre of Ragusa. So I made […] Read more…

american bagel

American bagel

Bagel is a delicious bread bun, very famous in the USA, originated in Polland and then exported in America by the Jewish communities. The specific feature of the American bagel, often served for brunch, is that it is cooked twice: it is boiled first, baked after. The dough is lightly sweet but bagel are always […] Read more…

Broccoli, olives and minced meat strudel

Broccoli, olives and minced meat strudel

From the first time I tried to make it, the strudel’s dough has conquered me: it is light, crumbly and fast to prepare (it doesn’t need rising)…It is also delicious, what more do you want? 😀 Yesterday I prepared a very tasty broccoli, olives and minced meat strudel, really great…All I’m saying is that I […] Read more…