During the last few days my little chipmunk was sick…the classic Winter virus that hit all the kids…above all if they go to school!
Because she refused to eat, I had to think about something new to make her try something: a food that was simple and soft because she also had a sore throat.
That’s how I created my baked ricotta meatballs, light and very soft thanks to the ricotta, but with a crunchy crust: delicious for mum and dad too!
It is very easy to prepare these meatballs! I served them with baked potatoes, but you can choose any kind of side dish or serve as a delicious finger food for your entree!
Find here the recipe.

baked ricotta meatballs

Baked ricotta meatballs


Ingredients for 4 people:

350 gr beef mince
200 gr ricotta cheese
1 egg
2 tbs bread crumbs
2 tbs grated parmesan
Meditteranean  herbs (sage, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary…)
1/2 ts salt
A pinch of black pepper
Fresh parsley
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Put the meat, ricotta, egg, bread crumbs and grated parmesan together in a bowl.
Season with salt, pepper and the herbs.
With your hands, mix well to combine all the ingredients.
Allow it to rest in the fridge for 15 minutes, covered with some cling wrap.
After that, create your meatballs (better if you grease your hands first).
Prepare a baking tray with some baking paper and lay down your meatballs. Add some oil and bake for 20 minutes at 180°, turning the meatballs after 10 minutes.
When cooked you can serve them with a sprinkle of freshly grated parsley.
Buon appetito, your baked ricotta meatballs are ready!!
As already mentioned above, I served them with some baked potatoes, but my baked ricotta meatballs are a very versatile food so you can serve them with any kind of salad or as finger food during a party, very nice to serve with toothpicks so everyone can help himself!

baked ricotta meatballs

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