The baked pumpkin and ricotta patties are a light but delicious vegetarian dish.
It won’t take long to prepare them and they are so yummy!
After the big success of my zucchini and ricotta patties, I wanted to prepare a winter version using the pumpkin and…you know what? The baked pumpkin and ricotta patties are extremely better!
In fact, the combination between ricotta and pumpkin is a classic one and one of the most appreciated.
Pumpkins are very versatile in their uses for cooking. Most parts of the pumpkin are edible, including the fleshy shell, the seeds, the leaves, and even the flowers. When ripe, the pumpkin can be boiled, steamed, or roasted. In its native North America, it is a very important, traditional part of the autumn harvest, eaten mashed and making its way into soups and purees.
Try them…you will remain impressed!

Baked pumpkin and ricotta patties

Baked pumpkin and ricotta patties

Makes about 20 patties:

200 grams of red pumpkin
200 g of ricotta cheese
1 egg
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
100 grams breadcrumbs
salt, pepper
EVO oil


Cut the pumpkin julienne, place in a colander and sprinkle with rock salt.

Let it rest for 30 minutes, then rinse well and squeeze in a clean kitchen cloth.

Put the drained pumpkin in a bowl and add the ricotta, egg, grated cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper and a few tablespoons of bread crumbs.

The mixture will be soft and sticky but manageable (if it is to liquid, add a little more breadcrumbs).

Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Prepare a bowl with more breadcrumbs.

Grease your hands and form small balls of mixture, then cover in breadcrumbs.

Place the patties on the baking sheet, sprinkle with a little olive oil and bake at 200C/400F/6 Gas Mark for 20 minutes, turning the patties halfway through cooking.

Baked pumpkin and ricotta patties

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