According to the AIFB (Italian Food Blogger Association) Italian Food Calendar, this is the almond week. Almond is a marvellous product: technically speaking, it is the edible seed of the almond tree and it can be used in several ways. It is perfect in its whole part or in pieces, used in desserts or savory dishes, it can be found as flour or pasta, you can find the almond milk or the almond oil, really useful in the kitchen as well as in cosmetics.
The almond is a very nutrient food with all its protein and it is also easily digestible.
In Sicily, we largely use almonds: our almonds granita is famous all over the world, such as our almonds biscuits and lots of other delicacies.
To celebrate the almond week, I decided to use it to prepare a fresh and yummy dessert: the almond mousse, a smooth delight which melts in your mouth.
Let’s have a look on the recipe!

almond mousse

Almond mousse

Ingredients for 6-8 mousse:

100 g toasted almonds
6 yolks
400 ml whipping cream
100 g sugar
4 tbs water
8 g gelatine leaves (4 sheets)


Dip the gelatine leaves in cold water.
In a little pot, mix the sugar with water and let them boil: cook until the sugar completely melts.
Whip the yolks with a stand or an hand mixer and slowly add the syrup.
Whip until the eggs will be light in color and frothy.
Dry the gelatine leaves and put them in a pot with 3-4 tbs of whipped eggs. Cook, constantly mixing, until the gelatine leaves will be completely melted then add to the whipped eggs.
Finely chop the almonds and add to the whipped eggs.
Whip the cream and add to the eggs, constantly mixing.
Use little cups to store the almond mousse in the freezer.
Transfer to the fridge two hours before you want to serve your almond mousse and decorate with chopped almonds.

Almond mousse


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