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mini ricotta balls

Mini ricotta balls – easy finger food

Sometimes I ask to myself: why do we complicate our lives trying to create impossible recipes, when everyone knows that the simplest things are the most appreciated? Do you have to prepare an appetizer? Do you want to prepare something good but you are not the best cook? Do you want to be quick? Do […] Read more…

Curried courgette crumble

Curried courgette crumble

Curried courgette crumble is a delicious and tasty vegetarian dish. It is perfect as main meal for dinner. I am a true lover of crumbles and I like to prepare them both in sweet and savory versions 😉 . Crumble is a sort of shortbread but, instead than amalgamating the mixture, you have to crumble […] Read more…

Lady's Kisses recipe

Lady’s Kisses – baci di dama biscuits

Today I want to explain to you the Lady’s Kisses recipe. Lady’s kisses, or “baci di dama”, are delicious short pastry biscuits enriched with almonds flour and put together with dark chocolate. I prepare them very often, because my daughter (not only her!) is crazy about these biscuits! Lady’s kisses were born in Piemonte. There […] Read more…

Turmeric farmer's pie

Turmeric farmer’s pie

I created the turmeric farmer’s pie some days ago: my mother-in-law gave me some very fresh vegetables from her garden and I wanted to use them…furthermore, at home I had so few things for dinner. Then, I prepared the puff pastry (if you have no time, you can also buy it , but I assure […] Read more…

Puff Pastry

Puff Pastry recipe

Puff pastry is one of the most versatile dough base: it is perfect for the preparation of both sweet and sour dishes. Until now, I had never prepared puff pastry at home because I knew about the difficulty in making it: every cooking book talks about puff pastry as something extremely difficult to reproduce, with […] Read more…

Artichoke pasta with mozzarella cheese

Artichoke pasta with mozzarella cheese

Artichoke pasta with mozzarella cheese is a really simple but delicious dish: a perfect alternative for a vegetarian lunch! How was this recipe created? In a tragicomic way, as usual!! The day before yesterday, I decided to prepare a barley salad with artichokes. Since I bought a big quantity of them last month, I already had […] Read more…

country potatoes

Country potatoes

Country potatoes are delicious chips with the skin cooked in the frying pan, flavoured with different spices, such as paprika, just a little bit spicy and really fragrant. Until now, I ate country potatoes at the Mexican restaurant or at the pizzeria: here usually they serve the frozen type, so it is easy to understand […] Read more…

white sauce

White sauce – the “mother sauce”

The white sauce is one of the most used sauces in the kitchen: it is the base for lasagnas, any kind of baked pasta,  au gratin veggies and so on and so forth. I heard on Masterchef Italia: “If you cannot do a proper white sauce you will never be a real cook!”. So mate, […] Read more…

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