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cheese and pepper tonnarelli

Cheese and pepper Tonnarelli

Today, I am going to go into a dangerous field: the cooking tradition of a region which is not mine! Today recipe is the cheese and pepper tonnarelli, a typical dish of the Lazio region. The version I am going to give you is the one presented by the Italian cook Alessandro Borghese on television: […] Read more…

Farmer's Skewers

Farmer’s Skewers

Farmer’s Skewers are very tasty skewers made with “carpaccio”(thinly sliced beef meat), “guanciale”, a sort of bacon very used in Italy – if you do not find it in your country, you can use normal bacon – and provolone cheese. They are covered in breadcrumbs and then roasted: really great! I have seen some skewers like […] Read more…

mini ricotta balls

Mini ricotta balls – easy finger food

Sometimes I ask to myself: why do we complicate our lives trying to create impossible recipes, when everyone knows that the simplest things are the most appreciated? Do you have to prepare an appetizer? Do you want to prepare something good but you are not the best cook? Do you want to be quick? Do […] Read more…

Baked paprika Calamari rings

Baked paprika Calamari rings

Are you crazy for fried calamari like me? Then, you have to try these Baked paprika Calamari rings, a lighter and spicier version of this dish: delicious! Furthermore, Baked paprika Calamari rings have another remarkable advantage: you have not to dirty and to stink out all your kitchen 😉 ! You simply have to season […] Read more…

Butter and Parmesan pasta with red wine reduction

Butter and Parmesan pasta with red wine reduction

Butter and Parmesan pasta is a very simple dish. In Italy, pasta is the solution for every lunch! We prepare this recipe when we have few time (and will!) to prepare something to eat 😉 . In order to make a perfect butter and parmesan pasta, tasty and creamy, you have to follow few simple […] Read more…

eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese

Eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella

The eggplant wraps with prosciutto and mozzarella are delicious appetizers. They are easy to prepare and, since the are to be eaten cold, you can prepare them in advance and save time when you are organizing a party or a dinner with family and friends. They also are an ideal alternative for a trip or a light […] Read more…