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country potatoes

Country potatoes

Country potatoes are delicious chips with the skin cooked in the frying pan, flavoured with different spices, such as paprika, just a little bit spicy and really fragrant. Until now, I ate country potatoes at the Mexican restaurant or at the pizzeria: here usually they serve the frozen type, so it is easy to understand […] Read more…

orange jam biscuits

Orange jam biscuits

The orange jam biscuits are my favourite and I have been thinking to prepare them for ages. When I find jam biscuits around and about, I can not stop eating until they are finished: that is way I avoid to buy them, otherwise I can finish the all box in 1 hour! They are nothing but […] Read more…

white sauce

White sauce – the “mother sauce”

The white sauce is one of the most used sauces in the kitchen: it is the base for lasagnas, any kind of baked pasta,  au gratin veggies and so on and so forth. I heard on Masterchef Italia: “If you cannot do a proper white sauce you will never be a real cook!”. So mate, […] Read more…

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines de Commercy are delicious soft French sweets shaped like shells, which taste like a cross between a muffin and a plumcake. Their are the perfect solution for a sweet snack for children and adults. The fragrance of madeleines and their heady aroma of butter will win over your palate one bite at a time. […] Read more…

Lentil and Spinach Salad with Lemon

Lentil and Spinach Salad with Lemon

This lentil and spinach salad with lemon is a fresh, tasty, and nutritious vegan dish that revolves around the unusual pairing of lentils and lemon and is enhanced by fresh spinach leaves, which give it an extra dash of flavour and colour. At it is a cold dish, you can prepare it in advance: it […] Read more…

Paccheri with ricotta cream and cubed vegetables

Paccheri with ricotta cream and vegetables

Paccheri with ricotta cream (that is lemon-scented) and saffron-flavoured cubed vegetables are an elegant, refined first course in both taste and appearance, and will satisfy the most demanding vegetarian palates. The trick for a perfect dish is to choose first-rate ingredients that can naturally flavour the dish without burdening it with excess fat or spices. […] Read more…

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