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baked ricotta meatballs

Baked ricotta meatballs

During the last few days my little chipmunk was sick…the classic Winter virus that hit all the kids…above all if they go to school! Because she refused to eat, I had to think about something new to make her try something: a food that was simple and soft because she also had a sore throat. […] Read more…

Pasta brisée

Pasta brisée

The pasta brisée is a traditional French base (really buttery!) used to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. In Italy, the pasta brisée is sold at the supermarket as rolls to prepare savory cakes (I prefer it to the Puff pastry because it is much more compact), but it is really easy and quick to […] Read more…

savoury mushrooms bacon cake

Savoury mushrooms and bacon cake

Two years ago, on my Facebook Fan Page, I asked my fans to write which recipes they wanted me to make for them. One of them, Lavinia, asked me to make a savoury mushrooms cake, the same you can buy at “Di Pasquale Patisserie”, a historical place in the centre of Ragusa. So I made […] Read more…

american bagel

American bagel

Bagel is a delicious bread bun, very famous in the USA, originated in Polland and then exported in America by the Jewish communities. The specific feature of the American bagel, often served for brunch, is that it is cooked twice: it is boiled first, baked after. The dough is lightly sweet but bagel are always […] Read more…

Pumpkin soup and rosemary chick peas

Pumpkin soup and rosemary chick peas

Ah what a busy period! The food photography course with Monique first, then the holiday with my family in London…after so many busy days I needed to take care of myself for a bit: so, in this cases, what is better than a hot soup! I prepared a delicious pumpkin soup with chick peas, which […] Read more…

mini ricotta balls

Mini ricotta balls – easy finger food

Sometimes I ask to myself: why do we complicate our lives trying to create impossible recipes, when everyone knows that the simplest things are the most appreciated? Do you have to prepare an appetizer? Do you want to prepare something good but you are not the best cook? Do you want to be quick? Do […] Read more…

Chinese sweet and sour sauce

Chinese sweet and sour sauce

The Chinese sweet and sour sauce is that delicious red sauce we always find at any Chinese restaurant, served together with the appetizers. I don’t know you, but it is like a drug for me! I pour litres of it on every kind of appetizer, even on top of those that theoretically should taste better […] Read more…

country potatoes

Country potatoes

Country potatoes are delicious chips with the skin cooked in the frying pan, flavoured with different spices, such as paprika, just a little bit spicy and really fragrant. Until now, I ate country potatoes at the Mexican restaurant or at the pizzeria: here usually they serve the frozen type, so it is easy to understand […] Read more…

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